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To provide a lifeline to help seniors living alone in the areas that matter   – health, wealth & connection.




Health Navigation

Did you know that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US? That's over 250,000 deaths per year.

Although we have the best health system with the best doctors in the world, it is extremely complex, difficult to access, and navigating or accessing the wrong care can actually kill you.

Like all things, “the devil is in the details.”  This is true in healthcare as well.


Wealth Protection

Did you know a study revealed that 90% of U.S. medical bills contain errors, leading to unnecessary spending by both physicians and patients. 

Details Here

You have worked too hard to have your wealth erode or evaporate due to fraud, unscrupulous billing practices, or mistakes with your recurring monthly bills. 


Connection with Family

Staying connected to family is important for everyone, especially seniors. Social isolation can lead to a number of health problems, both physical and mental.

Why is this so important for seniors?

One-third of all seniors live by themselves, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That is close to 14 million seniors aging alone.

Health Navigation

There are many different types of specialists you need to be aware of as well as nuances such as the difference between DO’s and MD’s, physicians vs extenders, and other providers including PA’s, NP’s, and PT’s.  Traditional care is now complemented by telemedicine, concierge medicine, and asynchronous care. 

It is time to simplify health navigation to ensure you get the right care from the right provider at the right time. No more undue stress in trying to figure out where to go for care when you are not feeling your best. 

Health Plan Selection
It's easy to get overwhelmed by the numbers...


Health plans offered on


Medicare Advantage Plans


Health Insurance Companies

Doctor's Visit

Similar to our health system, health coverage is equally complex, especially given all the available plans and the contents within them. 

Why is health plan selection important, especially for seniors?


As we age, we need more medical care.

Adults, 65+, are the largest consumers of healthcare in the US. 

  1. Chronic Conditions: Higher risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

  2. Acute Illness: More susceptible to complications from illnesses that requiring hospitalization and intensive care.

  3. Functional Decline: Physical or cognitive decline, leading to a greater need for assistance with daily living activities. 


Limited Window for Plan Selection.

Please find open enrollment details below:

  • Medicare | 10/15 – 12/2

  • Marketplace | 11/1 – 1/15


Medical care is not cheap, especially if you are not insured.

The famed Olympic gymnast, Mary Lou Rhetton, faced an unexpected life-threatening bout of pneumonia last October. The illness prompted the 55-year-old’s daughter to turn to crowdsourcing to raise money for her medical bills, resulting in a reported $459,234 in donations. She was not insured.

Believe it or not, seniors (65+) consumed $1.2 trillion in healthcare services in 2020.


Not all care is available or covered.

Some plans have limited coverage or exclusions for specific services. Here are some common examples:

  • Hospital Stay

  • Mental Health Coverage

  • Prescription Drug Coverage

  • Rehabilitation Services

  • Exclusions

Wealth Protection

The Big 6

When it comes to management of monthly bill vendors, it is critical that one is thorough in their financial auditing.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) estimates that 1 in 10 credit card statements contain at least one error AND you only have  60 days from the date your credit card statement is issued to dispute a billing error.


Of customers surveyed reported experiencing hidden fees from different phone and internet providers according to CNET.

A 2019 report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found that 1in 4 mobile phone bills had at least one error.

I bet you didn't know that...


Is lost each year due to elder fraud crime.

Top 5 Scams to Watch Out For

From the National Council of Aging, 12/8/2023


Government impersonation scams.

Scammers call pretending to be from the government, i.e., IRS. They may say the person has unpaid taxes and threaten arrest if they do not pay up immediately. This information can then be used to commit identity theft.


Robocalls and phone scams.

Some robocalls may claim that a warranty is expiring on the person's car or electronic device, and payment is needed to renew it. Scammers often spoof the number from which they are calling to make it appear as if the call is from a reputed organization.


Sweepstakes and lottery scams.

Scammers call an older adult to tell them they have won a lottery or prize. If they want to claim their winnings, the older adult must send money up front. Scammers may impersonate well-known sweepstakes organizations like Publishers Clearing House.


Computer tech support scams.

A pop-up message usually appears on a computer or phone, telling the user their device is damaged. When they call the support number for help, the scammer may either request remote access to the older person’s computer and/or demand they pay a fee to have it repaired. 


The grandparent scam.

The caller claims to be an arresting police officer, doctor, or lawyer trying to help the grandchild. They then use high-pressure tactics that play on the emotions of the person they have called to get them to send cash as quickly as possible. There are even reports of scammers showing up at older adults’ homes, posing as a “courier” to pick up the money.

Staying connected to family is important for everyone, especially seniors. Social isolation can
lead to a number of health problems, both physical and mental.

Why is this so important for seniors?

One-third of all seniors live by themselves, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That is close to 14 million seniors aging alone.

The challenge is that less than 50% of seniors use social media, here is why:

Option overload.

There are 4.8 million apps today across the Apple and Google mobile platforms.

Rapid pace of technology updates and advancements.

Unlike companies who train workers on new technologies both phone and computer, seniors have to learn this on their own.

Elderly couple

Negativity of Social Media.

Seniors value face to face communication above other forms of communication.

Fear of making costly or embarrassing mistakes.

Some of the mobile applications are free while others charge money for usage. 

No more worrying about how to keep up with technology or how best to stay connected with our children and their children. 
You can do this... and will be glad you did! 

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